“Who Wore It Better?” Pics That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud


Who wore their pants better, Justin Bieber or a baby? Who looks better in black and white, Kim Kardashian or a killer whale? Can Kendall Jenner's style really compete with a shredded car seat? We really can't decide, so it looks like it's over to you to tell us just who exactly wore it better. Check out the funny collection of pictures below to see what we mean. Compiled by LittleThings, the list is full of hilariously bizarre fashion comparisons that you won't be able to stop laughing about. Don't forget to vote for your favorite!

#1 Ivanka Trump Or This Burrito?


#2 Highlighter Marker Or This Teacher?


#3 Heidi Klum Or A Car Wash Brush?


#5 Justin Bieber Or This Baby?

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